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EVERYGAME & JuicyStakes Chase
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EVERYGAME & JuicyStakes Chase

What is a Rake Chase?

Rake Chases are high-value poker promotions, which are in most cases offered by poker affiliates to increase the rewards.

In addition to that, rake chases serve as incentive to play more online poker real money games.

Rake chases are similar to rake races, but have one major difference. You are not competing against other players and need to reach individual rake targets instead.

VIP-Grinders.us poker rake chases are designed to maximise the returns of our players, since the prizes come on top of the already huge rakeback rewards

We give back more to our loyal customers than any other US poker affiliate, since our aim is to make online poker most profitable for US players and US poker sites.

Furthermore, it is important to note that rake chases for many players are the better choice over rake races.

The reason for that being that there are multiple cash targets that can be reached and turned into cash, while rake races only have one payout.

As soon as you reach one of the rake/points targets of a rake chase, the respective payout will be credited in cash automatically to your poker account.

In the leaderboard of the rake chase, you can see at any given time, where you are at and how many points you need to reach the next payout level.

Sign-up for our Exclusive EVERYGAME JuicyStakes Chase now and earn up to a staggering $420 every single month on top of a whopping 36% rakeback.

Exclusive VIP-Grinders.US Rake Chases

Our exclusive poker rake chases are designed to increase your rakeback and rewards and will earn you massive extra cash in the long run.

All you need to do to participate is to sign up through us at EVERYGAME or JuicyStakes and you will automatically be registered for our exclusive chase.

If you manage to reach one of the point targets, the reward will be paid out directly in cash to your poker account.