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Join the $100,000 GTD 10×10 Poker Tournament Series at Sportsbetting and BetOnline

Don’t miss the exciting 10×10 Poker Tournament Series running from July 24 – 30 with ten low buy-in events per day and a total guaranteed prize pool of $100,000.

10x10 Poker Tournament Series

10 x $10 tournaments per day!

Make sure to head over to Sportsbetting or BetOnline today as an exciting 7-day low buy-in tournament series kicks off  with ten $10 tournaments per day.

The 10 x 10 Poker Tournament series kicks off today and runs until  Sunday July 30th.

Brace yourself for ten thrilling low buy-in events per day, which all have a small $10 buy-in and a big guaranteed prize pool of $1,000.

And that’s not all, not by a far margin as you get a lot for your small buy-in.

All tournaments have a great deep stack structure, so you have plenty of time to play online tournaments without any crapshoots.

$1000 Bonus
VIP | $100k Races
$1000 Bonus | VIP

New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply

Upon making your first deposit, you will receive $1000 bonus, VIP rewards along with other exclusive promotions and races.
$1000 Bonus
VIP | $100k Race
$1000 Bonus | VIP

New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply

Upon making your first deposit, you will receive $1000 bonus, VIP rewards along with other exclusive promotions and races.

$30,000 in Daily Leaderboards

In addition to that, there are a staggering $30,000 in daily and weekly leaderboards up for grabs!

And everyone can benefit from the rewards, no matter if you are a recreational poker player, grinder or pro.

Join the 10×10 Poker Tournament Series and get  the best of both worlds thrilling poker tournaments and unforgettable summer memories.

10×10 Poker Tournament Series Schedule:

DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Monday, July 24th, 20231:00 AM1$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20233:30 AM2$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20237:00 AM3$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20239:00 AM4$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 202310:30 AM5$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20231:30 PM6$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20233:30 PM7$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20235:00 PM8$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 20239:30 PM9$1,000.00$10.00
Monday, July 24th, 202311:30 PM10$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Tuesday, July 25th, 20231:00 AM11$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20233:30 AM12$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20237:00 AM13$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20239:00 AM14$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 202310:30 AM15$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20231:30 PM16$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20233:30 PM17$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20235:00 PM18$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 20239:30 PM19$1,000.00$10.00
Tuesday, July 25th, 202311:30 PM20$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Wednesday, July 26th, 20231:00 AM21$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20233:30 AM22$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20237:00 AM23$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20239:00 AM24$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 202310:30 AM25$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20231:30 PM26$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20233:30 PM27$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 20235:00 PM28$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26, 20239:30 PM29$1,000.00$10.00
Wednesday, July 26th, 202311:30 PM30$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Thursday, July 27th, 20231:00 AM31$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20233:30 AM32$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20237:00 AM33$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20239:00 AM34$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 202310:30 AM35$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20231:30 PM36$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20233:30 PM37$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27, 20235:00 PM38$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 20239:30 PM39$1,000.00$10.00
Thursday, July 27th, 202311:30 PM40$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Friday, July 28th, 20231:00 AM41$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20233:30 AM42$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20237:00 AM43$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20239:00 AM44$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 202310:30 AM45$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20231:30 PM46$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20233:30 PM47$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20235:00 PM48$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 20239:30 PM49$1,000.00$10.00
Friday, July 28th, 202311:30 PM50$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Saturday, July 29th, 20231:00 AM51$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 20233:30 AM52$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 20237:00 AM53$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 20239:00 AM54$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 202310:30 AM55$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29, 20231:30 PM56$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 20233:30 PM57$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 20235:00 PM58$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29, 20239:30 PM59$1,000.00$10.00
Saturday, July 29th, 202311:30 PM60$1,000.00$10.00
DateStart Time (ET)Event #Prize PoolBuy-in
Sunday, July 30th, 20231:00 AM61$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20233:30 AM62$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20237:00 AM63$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20239:00 AM64$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 202310:30 AM65$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20231:30 PM66$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20233:30 PM67$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20235:00 PM68$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 20239:30 PM69$1,000.00$10.00
Sunday, July 30th, 202311:30 PM70$1,000.00$10.00

Terms and conditions apply. New customer offer and 18+ only. Should you require help regarding your betting pattern, please visit www.begambleaware.org

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