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Is Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger a Cheater?

Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger rose to the top of high stakes poker like a rocket. But did he get there honestly? One of his opponents says he didn’t.

Is Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger a Cheater?

At least one opponent has taken it upon himself to out the Swiss professional player on the 2+2 forum.

LLinusLLove quick rise to the top is suspicious

Pauli “Fiilismies” Äyräs posted on the September 2019 2+2 High Stakes Poker thread.

He was blatantly accusing Loeliger of cheating over tens of thousands hands they played together.

“LLinusLLove is a cheater”

“LLinusLLove is a cheater. This is my opinion and I have no definite proof.”

Pretty bold statement! Fiilismies goes on to elaborate, basing his claims on some odd behavior at the tables.

“This guy used to play very loose aggressive and while playing decently good he would be making tons of clear mistakes and spews. Overnight he started to tank every decision from preflop to river, even on spots where there was a very clear decision.”

Fiilismies was baffled how after thousands of hands, he could not spot one error from Loeliger. Some 2+2 commenters joked that maybe he has installed real-time solvers in his head so he can function like a bot.

“He was doing bunch of weird stuff that seemed not normal but every time i would put them into solver it appeared they were 100% perfectly played.”

The accusation drew hundreds of comments on 2+2.

Linus cheater

Linus Cheater

In a Triton Montenegro 2019 interview, LLinusLLove admits it took him less than one year to go from 2/5 games to 25/50.

“I just started to understand the theory behind it better,” he said. “For the first year I was not a winning player. I learned and I moved my way up from the microstakes and it sort of all clicked the start of 2016.”

He said he didn’t necessarily study MORE to get to the nosebleeds, implying that he did study some. In the 2+2 thread, Loeliger also stated he began using Piosolver at the end of 2015.

Video Evidence?

Several posters provided questionable hands involving LLinusLLove. Finding Equilibrium took a deeper look at a few of those hands to determine if the action should raise a red flag.

While some commenters agreed that it might be possible Linus used some sort of solver, many others came to defend him.


LLinusLLove Fights Back

Linus Loeliger himself joined the conversation to set the record straight. Although he never specifically says he did not cheat, he does fire back on some of the key points.


Linus Cheater

Loeliger also extended a challenge to play anyone who claims he is a cheater. By using a webcam, he says he can prove he does not use any aids in his poker game.


“I should have kept my accusations private with no real proof, I apologized to Linus”

That’s a game we’d love to see. Fiilismies, however, issued an apology rather than accepting the offer to play HU.

“I should have kept my accusations private and definitely not post them on the forums with no real proof, I apologized to Linus and he accepted it. I wish Linus all the best on and off the tables”

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